Jason McCheyne
Marriage celebrant and lover of life.



Ben & Sophie's wedding

Dear Jason,

Thank you from the absolute bottom of our hearts for helping to create the most perfect and memorable ceremony yesterday. It was not only a joy for me to see Ben (looking incredibly handsome) waiting at the end of the aisle, but you too. I absorbed so much during that long walk through the paddock, and when I saw you (and Ben of course) standing there, I was filled with happiness and composure.

To go along with our relaxed wedding, we always tried to adopt the "everything happens for a reason" motto and you won't believe how glad Ben and I are that the video guys stuffed up the mic so it didn't work. Holding hands whilst saying our vows and speaking naturally to each other was just perfect and we wouldn't change it for a minute.

Photo by  Oy Photography

Our guests in the back row heard us no problem and I think it definitely helped settle Ben's nerves too. You spoke so naturally and lovingly throughout the ceremony and it nicely reflected our nature. Ben also wants to say a special thank you for being so calming in the lead up to my arrival. He said it helped him to collect his thoughts and to really focus on the moment.

We are so happy you were our celebrant and touched our lives in a truly unforgettable way. The ceremony was by far my favourite part of our wedding, and the rest of the night was amazing as well. I will include two sneak peak photos from our photographer for you to see our newlyweds happiness.

Thank you so much again, 
Love Sophie & Ben Pearson 💕

Photo by  Oy Photography